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Fuel Guide
Smokeless Fuels and Ovals
Smokeless Fuels are for use in Smoke Control Areas. Smokeless fuels emit up to 80% less smoke than smoky house coals and are the only solid fuels that can be burnt in smokeless zones.

Smokeless fuels and Ovals provide a consistently higher heat than house coal, and can last up to 40% longer. As you need much less smokeless coal to heat your house, it works out at a similar price to house coal, even though the single bag price is more.
Household Coal
House Coal is not manufactured like smokeless fuels, it is a natural product mined all over the world. It has been the coal of choice for generations due to its high heat and dancing, elegant flames making it the heart of many homes. If you purchase the correct house coal for your needs, then it can make it the ideal fuel . Low ash, high heat and cost effective pricing can be achieved. An ideal coal for open fires.
Kiln-dried Logs and Heat Logs
It is essential that you use dry firewood in your stove or open fire. Manufacturers often recommend a maximum of 20% moisture content, but up to 25% moisture content is what the HETAS quality standard recommends. This quality will ensure a clean burn with no blackening of the stove glass or build-up of soot or tar in the chimney or flue. Our kiln dried logs are ‘Ready to burn’ (18% moisture or less) so all you need to do is just ensure they are stored in a cool dry place, either in a log store or garage.

Hotmax Heat Logs are made from compressed, recycled softwood dust. This clean to handle fuel, will provide a very high heat output due to its low moisture content. You will always get consistent quality with Hotmax Heat Logs.
Traditional Peat
Peat is one of the most cost effective ways to fuel any fire. It is unique due to its comforting and pleasant aroma. Peat is easy to light and emits low amounts of carbon emissions and smoke. This fuel is not suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas.
Biomass Wood Pellets
For use in boimass boiler systems. Our ENplus A1 grade wood pellets are made from 100% virgin softwood and sourced locally in Scotland. They will give a great heat output and produce very little ash. We are HETAS and BSL approved.


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