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Smokeless Fuel and Ovals

Hot Ovoids (50kg)
Star rating: ***
A popular fuel choice, Hot Ovoids will give a high heat output and last longer...
Wonderco (50kg)
Star rating: ***
This fuel must be mixed! When mixed when another fuel this coal give a  very high heat...
Star rating: ***
For gravity feed boiler, this naturally smokeless product is long lasting, has a low...
Stove Fuel (50kg)
Star rating: ****
A great quality coal that is easy to light, will give a very high heat and minimal ash...
Five Star Ovals (50kg)
Star rating: *****
One of our best selling fuels. High heat output, are extremely cost effective and can last upto 40% longer than household coals.
Multibrite (50kg)
Star rating: ****
Quality compressed ovoid. It is easy to light, will never spark when burning and produces a high heat output.
Extraheat Max Anthracite (50kg)
Star rating: ****
Small sized natural smokeless fuel. Can be difficult to light but long lasting and highly efficient
P/Ovoids (50kg)
Star rating: ****
Our premium smokeless fuel of excellent quality. These compressed ovals give a long lasting, even heat output
Budget Ovals (50kg)
Star rating: **
An entry level oval. Slightly more difficult to light but still give a high heat output. Moderate ash produced.

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