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Bulk Blown Wood Pellets

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Recommended appliance: biomass boiler systems

  • ENplus A1 grade Wood Pellets, manufactured without additives
  • Sourced locally in Scotland to minimise handling and breakage, meaning less dust
  • BSL Approved: BSL0041251-0001 / BSL0041251-0003
  • RHI Approved fuel
  • ASH: less than 0.7%
  • Moisture: less than 10%
  • Heat output: less than 4.8kW/h per kg

Our blown truck features a Vent Assist system, which reduces pressure to protect your silo and removes escaping dust during delivery. 

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Our delivery service runs throughout the Scottish Borders, East Lothian, Midlothian, Central Scotland and Northumberland.

Deliveries are normally made within 5-10 working days (peak season) of you placing an order.

Our team will contact you within 1-2 working days, after an order has been placed, to confirm your delivery details.


1.  We will supply ENplus A1 pellets that comply with the ordered specification for that particular delivery.

Regular sampling and analysis will be carried out to ensure that we are meeting these standards.

This is measured when the wood pellets are loaded on to the delivery vehicle.

We will provide copies of the relevant analysis on request.

2.  We will deliver the wood pellets in accordance with our Quality Management System which is regulated by the UK Pellet Council ENplus, BSL and HETAS, to ensure that all practical measures are taken to minimise degradation of the wood pellets, within the constraints of your installation and the circumstances of the delivery.

3.  If you can demonstrate that our wood pellets did not comply with the ordered specification and were not damaged by your intake and storage system, you may request that we remove the wood pellets at our cost and refund the full amount that you paid for the delivery.

4.  You may request that we submit a relevant sample for analysis by an independent, accredited laboratory.

The cost of that analysis will be at our expense if it demonstrates non-compliance with the relevant specification, but at your expense if it demonstrates compliance with the relevant specification.

The analysis will be carried out in accordance with European Standard Methodology (e.g. EN-14961; final standards where available or draft standards where the methodology has not been finalised).

The relevant sample is one taken:

 From wood pellets from the same source as the wood pellets delivered to you,

  • As close in time to your delivery as practical,
  • At the site where the delivery vehicle was loaded,
  • Either from a delivery vehicle or from the loading plant after the use of any screening equipment.

5.  You may request that a representative of our company attend your site. This will be at our cost if our pellets were non-complaint according to a suitable analysis as described above.

Otherwise, you will be liable to pay us for our time, travel and any expenses incurred in the process of attending your site.

 When you place an order, you accept the following:

1.  You are responsible for ensuring that we are able to deliver the pellets on arrival at the delivery site. (You can request a Delivery Information Form which includes our vehicle dimensions).

Our trucks must be able to gain access safely and without delay to a suitable parking space within a practical distance from your store.  Contact us to discuss your circumstances if in doubt.

For bulk deliveries:

 You must provide an accessible flange with a Storz 110A connector or Camlock connector for connecting our delivery pipe to (speak to your installer or us if you are not sure about the connector).

  • The flange must be located where our delivery driver can access it safely and comfortably – no more than 1.5 metres above the platform on which the driver stands when connecting the delivery pipe.
  • The platform must be safe, eg. flat, level, soundly constructed, non-slip and surrounded by safety railings where necessary.
  • The route from the lorry’s parking space to the platform must be easily accessible by the driver, without obstacles to climb over (with or without a ladder) or to have to lift the pipe over.

2.  If we cannot deliver the wood pellets safely and easily on arrival, you will be liable to pay a delivery charge regardless of whether we were able to deliver the wood pellets or not.

We will be under no obligation to make another attempt at delivery.

You should request a new delivery, which we will be under no obligation to accept.

If we accept a new order, you will be liable to pay the full cost of the new delivery as well as the delivery charge from the incomplete delivery.

3.  It is your responsibility to order the correct quantity of wood pellets.

If you over-order, so that we cannot deliver the full amount ordered, or if we are not able to complete a delivery for reasons that we could reasonably expect you to have anticipated, you may be liable to pay for the ordered quantity at the quoted price per tonne.

If you over-order, you may be charged for the wood pellets left in the delivery pipe when we are unable to blow any more into your store.  We may have to clear the wood pellets from the pipe, onto the ground where the pipe lies, if you do not provide a more suitable receptacle.  It will be your responsibility to dispose of these wood pellets.

 If you under-order and we are able to deliver more than you ordered, you will be liable to pay for the amount delivered, at the quoted price per tonne.

If you want us to deliver no more than you ordered, regardless of whether your store could accommodate more than the ordered quantity, you should give us prior, written notice that this is your preference.

4.  As it is impossible for us to verify that a sample of wood pellets taken from your store is representative of the pellets that we supplied to you and that their condition is a consequence of our services rather than of your installation and operation, we will not accept any assessment of any sample other than a relevant sample as described above.

Nor will we accept any assessment by any other means than analysis of a relevant sample by an independent, accredited laboratory using European standard methodology, as described above.

You will have recourse only if you can demonstrate that the pellets were non-compliant with our specification by submitting a relevant sample to an independent, accredited laboratory, as described above.

5.  The quantity deemed to have been delivered will be the quantity recorded by the weighing system on the delivery vehicle, which is a Trading Standards approved – Legal for Trading Weigher.

We will keep the weighing system on the lorry in good condition and calibrated according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

We can provide you with copies of the calibration certificate on request.

6.  If you cancel or reschedule the delivery within 2 working days of the delivery, you, may be liable for a cancellation charge.

7.  If you require an urgent delivery, you may request priority delivery, in which case we will try to schedule delivery within 3 working days.

We do not guarantee to be able to arrange Priority Delivery, but if we are able to schedule delivery within 3 working days, you may be liable for a Priority Delivery charge.

If we cannot schedule your requested Priority Delivery within 3 working days, we will inform you of the earliest date that we can deliver.  If you accept this offer, you will not be charged for Priority Delivery.

We hope to be able to schedule delivery within 3 working days for many customers who have not requested Priority Delivery.  No Priority Delivery charge will be applied in these cases.

8.  If you have other requirements besides Priority Delivery, you may request them when you ask for a quote.

We will do our best to satisfy your needs, but can’t guarantee to be able to meet them.

Unless we state otherwise in our quote, there is no extra charge for meeting your request (other than for Priority Delivery).

If we have not stated explicitly that we can meet your requirement, you should assume that we may not meet this.

9.  It is your responsibility to ensure that wood pellets or the ordered specification, delivered in the manner described in our procedures, are suitable for the use that you have in mind.

We will not be liable for losses or damages resulting from the use of wood pellets for purposes for which the specification and manner of delivery are not suitable.

10. The pellets are supplied for use at the delivery location.

If you move the pellets on, to other sites and/or to other users, we cannot be responsible for the condition of the wood pellets where and when they are actually used.

11. We will not be liable for any consequential loss or indirect loss suffered by you, or by anyone to whom you have supplied the wood pellets.

12. You will pay the full amount invoiced within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. Those without an active credit account may be asked to pay the anticipated value in advance by credit card, and settle any balance between the anticipated value and the actual value within seven days of receipt of an invoice for the balance.




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